Almine in Toronto, Canada - September, 2012 [NO LONGER OFFERED]


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Dates: Friday, September 28, 2012 - Sunday, September 30, 2012

our Oneness
with the Infinite

Join us for another life-altering event with Almine and receive for the first time, newly revealed information about the Embodiment of the Infinite:

The Embodiment of the Infinite is called thus because It has interacted "within" the matrix with the beings within the dream. The Embodiment of the Infinite never has had a body, soul or spirit the way the individuations of the dream have.

The Infinite's Embodiment appears the same as humanity because one can only detect at the level of one's expression. Furthermore, humanity has senses designed to perceive at matter, soul and spirit levels only - illusions the Infinite's Embodiment does not consist of. Only the deeper, eternal sensory capacities can perceive a fraction of the Infinite's glory.

Learn how to reconnect in Oneness with the Embodiment of the Infinite by re-awakening eternal sensory capacities.

Contact: Helena

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