Shamanic Men's Retreat in Newport, Oregon - September, 2012 [NO LONGER OFFERED]


Sold Out

Dates: Monday, September 10, 2012 - Friday, September 14, 2012
Location: Newport, Oregon
Cost: $1,000 [retreat] + $250 [food]
Deposit: $250 (Deposits are non-refundable)

Almine has announced that the topic of this retreat is "Secrets of the Earth and Its Races" and provides this description:
So many records indicate that the earth is the "Cradle of Civilization". Because of its vast history as it travelled through space to this solar system, many of its secrets have been lost; forgotten as races met their demise. Only in the hidden places of the earth, obscured from the eyes of man, do the records of the antiquities still remain. During the men's retreat some of these secrets will be explored for the first time as Almine translates a portion of the records hidden in Persia. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is this shamanic retreat for men only? Powerful energies arise during the shamanic retreat. Precluding a mixing of the sexes reduces the likelihood of particants attempting to find an 'outlet' for these energies in another.
I have heard that this 2012 event is a reunion of the 'class of 2011'; may I attend? Yes. The shamanic retreat is driven by the male students of Almine that desire to partake in this mindbending experience. To ensure that 'the cosmic gang is all here', it is also open to new participants.
Why do you ask $250 for food? During this shamanic retreat Almine cooks all your food. Moreover, you sleep in her house. As such, this annual event is casually referred to as The Shamanic Bootcamp.
What can I expect? If the 2011 retreat is any indication, you may expect relentless metaphysics, offset by deep shamanic practice. However, this year promises to surpass last year in every way. Above all, you can expect lots of fun, food and brotherhood.
How should I prepare? As with all of Almine's retreats you can prepare best by living the Calendar of Oneness. And you should consider participating in the Global Earth Chants Ceremony, because both it and the shamanic retreat are designed to counteract the 'last stand of duality' that characterizes 2012.
I have some questions, who do I talk to? You can talk to the facilitator, Jan. Please contact her at

Note: Space is limited, register early! Full payment is due one month prior to retreat, August 10, 2012.

Contact facilitator: Jan

"Since attending the men's retreat at Almine's in september 2011, my life has amazingly improved, it seems a wall has come down, and opportunities for my music have opened up that continue to amaze me. I have received invitations to participate in musical ventures with the best of the best in their field. My focus and health have greatly improved, and my feelings of content and joy in creating songs has a flow all on its own. I am deeply greatful and humbled by the magic of it all. I will be attending this September as I would love to make this an annual event in my life. With my highest love, my deepest praise and sincerest gratitude to Almine for this wonderful expierence. Yours truly," ~ Jess Lee - Canada

Almine's Retreats: An Impression
Listen to this almost hour long impression of Almine's spiritual retreats. Captured with a little handheld recorder, it is a "guerrilla style" recording with mystical insights and testimonials from 4 different retreats. Combined it is an "audio mini retreat with Almine". We think you will enjoy.

Traditionally, descriptions of Almine’s retreats have not appeared in any advertising media. There is no curriculum or specific format. There are no predictable topics. The reason is that this remarkable mystic provides an unparalleled transfiguring experience, most certainly not to be encountered anywhere else on Earth.

Almine has been given the most sacred task, assisting the Infinite Mother Goddess to usher in Earth’s Ascension. Retreats share in executing assignments from the Goddess. Information beyond students’ wildest dreams pours in, and those who enter the retreats as students leave as Masters who have silenced the dialogue of their minds.

The holiness and glory of these experiences cannot be adequately expressed through commercial advertising, but the awakened gifts of those who know in their hearts that they need to be there speak for themselves. Many teachers help transform lives, but these sacred weeks in the presence of Almine and the other Masters who attend transfigure the entire individual.

Applicants need to consider in their hearts whether they are ready to take that next step of sharing the mystical journey of Almine’s life with her for one week. For, whereas other teachers are gathering more and more students, Almine is teaching the few who are ready to be Masters.