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The Creation of a Personal Elixir of Sound

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Sung and composed only for you by Almine

"A Personal Sound Elixir is so powerful. It helps to deal with the illusions in your environment; Learning through grace, rather than through opposition."

~ Almine

What does a Personal Sound Elixir do for me?

Listen to Almine explain what a Personal Sound Elixir is and how it works against subliminal programming, HAARP, nanotechnology and more. After this audio you'll understand why a Personal Sound Elixir is not to be taken lightly.

Also listen to this important additional information shared by Almine in September 2014. Highly recommended listening:


By connecting with you through the heart, Almine composes and sings your sound elixir, to keep for a lifetime of beneficial results. As one of the leading mystics and alchemists on Earth today, she uses techniques of the alchemical potencies of sound to cancel out illusion in your environment.

By combining what is known to mystics as white light frequencies with black light frequencies: that which is illusion-based - lack, aging and disease - is neutralized. As your life's requirements change, so will the ways in which your one-of-a-kind elixir assists in removing the illusions to reveal the perfection of that which is real. You never need to renew it.

The languages used during the recording are the languages of the Holy Father and Mother, also called the Infinite. At times, the angelic kingdom will give you their names as well, so that they are called when you play your sound elixir.

Your personal Sound Elixir will be emailed to you as an MP3 file. This product is not available as an audio CD.

Translation of your Personal Sound Elixir

Your Sound Elixir is sung in a sacred language that is being received by Almine. You might also be interested in the translation of this language: An MP3, recorded by Almine for you, translating the meaning of your Personal Sound Elixir.

Orders may require up to 3-4 weeks, especially when Almine is traveling and is unable to work in the sound studio. We appreciate your patience. Please add to your email address book, as to be sure that your spam filter does not refuse your Personal Sound Elixir.