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Your Sacred Chant and Art of Light

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What does a Personal Light Elixir do for you?

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During a visionary experience, Almine has been instructed by the Infinite on how to create Personal Elixirs of Light—a unique and exquisite piece of digital artwork prepared by Almine, just for you. This is accompanied by an individual musical chant.

Almine’s beautiful voice has delighted hundreds of recipients of personal sound elixirs. Many miracles have been reported since the time this great gift has been available. Now experience the depth of your existence beyond duality, and in the perfection of the Oneness, through this powerful alchemy of sound and light.

What you get

An example of a light elixir with its accompanying chant.

Example of a Personal Light Elixir

More Information

Many people bring their Personal Light Elixirs to a workshop with Almine to share them with others. Often it is found that they tell more about a person than can ever be put into mere words. On Almine's online Pinterest board we are continuing this tradition by offering a place for people to share the visual part of their Elixir of Light. Visit the board to view more examples of Light Elixirs here.

Please note:
Orders may require up to 3-4 weeks, especially when Almine is traveling and is unable to work in the sound studio. We appreciate your patience. Please add team@almine.net to your email address book, as to be sure that your spam filter does not refuse your Personal Light Elixir.