Almine in Columbus, Ohio - July, 2012 [NO LONGER OFFERED]


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Dates: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 - Saturday, July 21, 2012
Location: Columbus, Ohio

The Dragon Magic continues...

Contact: Jan

NOTE: Early-bird BONUS special available through July 1, 2012.

Almine's Retreats: An Impression
Listen to this almost hour long impression of Almine's spiritual retreats. Captured with a little handheld recorder, it is a "guerrilla style" recording with mystical insights and testimonials from 4 different retreats. Combined it is an "audio mini retreat with Almine". We think you will enjoy.

Traditionally, descriptions of Almine’s retreats have not appeared in any advertising media. There is no curriculum or specific format. There are no predictable topics. The reason is that this remarkable mystic provides an unparalleled transfiguring experience, most certainly not to be encountered anywhere else on Earth.

Almine has been given the most sacred task, assisting the Infinite Mother Goddess to usher in Earth’s Ascension. Retreats share in executing assignments from the Goddess. Information beyond students’ wildest dreams pours in, and those who enter the retreats as students leave as Masters who have silenced the dialogue of their minds.

The holiness and glory of these experiences cannot be adequately expressed through commercial advertising, but the awakened gifts of those who know in their hearts that they need to be there speak for themselves. Many teachers help transform lives, but these sacred weeks in the presence of Almine and the other Masters who attend transfigure the entire individual.

Applicants need to consider in their hearts whether they are ready to take that next step of sharing the mystical journey of Almine’s life with her for one week. For, whereas other teachers are gathering more and more students, Almine is teaching the few who are ready to be Masters.

Contact facilitator: Jan

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What is the best way I can prepare for a spiritual retreat with Almine?
There are multiple things you can do, like reading Almine's daily blog or listening to one of her many radio shows to prepare yourself for a retreat with Almine. However, the best preparation you can give yourself, as stated by Almine, is to actively start following along with the Calendar of Oneness.

By living this Calendar on a daily basis you align yourself with cosmic unfoldment and are thus preparing yourself for the most relevant themes that will come up during the retreat. Together with many people around the world who already enjoy the Calendar, you are quite literally walking alongside Almine on your journey through cosmic unfoldment. A vibrant little community has sprung up discussing the daily tones, adding insights and poetry to the experience. All in all, the Calendar of Oneness is hands down the best tip that we can give you to prepare yourself on a retreat with Almine. Find out more here.