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Tools of Oneness

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"The Earth Chants tell the story of the Cosmic Child and how she was captured within a cage. The cage is the spider web. And how her mother comes into the cage to try and find her daughter and bring her home. And finally how the mother leaves the cage and the daughter finds her way home.

There is this epic tale of the Cosmic Child that is described in the Earth Chants, of which there is only 72 hours, and we’ve been bringing them in as you’ve ordered them for yourself. When they’re done, they’re done; then there’s no more. So it’s like buying a piece of real estate. I mean you own a piece of that chant that influences your life. What does it influence? Spirit.

The chant of the Cosmic Child, the Earth Chant, the ancient history released from the rocks of the earth is what you’re hearing. And that chant clears psychic impressions, which are electrically formed impressions that are ghostlike within the spirit of every being.

And, why are they there? Because they are trying to get us to remember the story the way it really was. And they’re trying to get us to know how this can be resolved. And so this story of the chant of the Cosmic Child releases the need for these old, old pieces of story that have become distorted, to be released from Spirit."

~Almine (Extract from "Down the Rabbit Hole", Episode 10)

During the 2011 Angelic Christmas Retreat held in her home, Almine began to hear a 3 day sacred chant emanating directly from the Earth. This chant balances the masculine and feminine to bring oneness to the inner conflict of opposites.

This 72 hour chant is being recorded 3 minutes at a time. You can order multiple portions for yourself or for others.

The Chant of the Earth prepares us to leave duality and enter the reality of no opposites by creating inner androgyny.

Act now! The Chant of the Earth is only 3 days long in total, so once Almine has recorded 72 hours of chants, this product will no longer be available.


“The Earth Chant I received is quite amazing to say the least, when I settled down to listen to it that evening I put the repeat on. First 20 minutes I was paying attention to my feelings when all of a sudden I began to smell minerals not knowing at the time that Almine was singing in the language of the Mineral Kingdom. These smells must have been coming up from the Earth as I was listening. I don't know what transpired after that, one hour and 15 minutes had gone by according to time. I can not account for this time or even where I was, I must say that the wait was certainly worth it. Many other grand blessing's as I continue to use it..."

Thanks so much to all of you at team Almine..... Much love with many blessing's“

~Wendy, Alberta, Canada


Your portion of the Chant of the Earth will be emailed to you as an MP3 file. It will be looped to form a 12-minute meditation. This product is not available as an audio CD.

Extra information

Here you can listen to a 33 minute interview regarding the miraculous recording of the Earth Chants. Highly recommended listening!

Please note:
The Earth Chant Ceremony is a separate product from the Earth Chants themselves. Once you have your own part of the story of the Earth in the form of a chant, you are eligible to join the ceremony. The next step is to buy the entree to the ceremony so you can hear all 1439 other chants in this massive 72 hour event.

You can find the Earth Chant Ceremony product page here.

Orders may require up to 3-4 weeks, especially when Almine is traveling and is unable to work in the sound studio.We appreciate your patience. Please add to your email address book, as to be sure that your spam filter does not refuse your Chant of the Earth.