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Your Unique Angel Elixir

Unlocking your potential...

Listen to Almine talk and find out more about these Angel Elixirs:

What do Angel Elixirs Do?

We unlock the unknowable - not through the mind - but through the non-cognitive knowingness of the self, in between the ripples of our senses within our eternal being.

As we further traverse into the unknown and come to our own as the way showers of the cosmos, we find that we've been simply lacking the right tools. The right tools are locked within our DNA.

Listen to an excerpt of Almine, from the Answers for Lightworkers 2 Course, on unlocking your vast potential through these Angel Elixirs:

The Angel Elixirs are designed to create alterations in the DNA, by preparing it for a more evolved level of living: the Godhood. By proxy, as changes occur within those who receive these Angel Elixirs, it beneficially affects and restores species worldwide. This information was recently given in a class by a Pleiadian ship that had been hovering over Almine's house for that week. They say that 50% of our songbirds have disappeared and that the Angel Elixirs are able to bring them back; the more that we play them, the more it affects the species of the Earth.

Summer Solstice Ceremony 2013

These Angelic Elixirs are an integral part of Almine's 2013 Summer Solstice Ceremony. If you have either an Angelic Elixir or a Star Transmission of Light, you can automatically take part in this ceremony for free.

Changes in Vocal Layers

As of now, Almine has chosen to start recording the single-layered angelic music with the background instrumentals, instead of the previously available, double-layered vocals. This new version is similar to a Light Elixir’s vocals, or that of the Earth Chants, which were recorded last year. This change provides our student base with the opportunity of obtaining the Angel Elixirs and participating at the Summer Solstice Ceremony at $50 each instead of the original $100.

Double Layered Vocals: Limited Edition SOLD OUT

As mentioned, the format for these elixirs have changed from having double vocal tracks to single. However, there are still some Angel Elixirs with the double vocal tracks still available. They are very limited in quantity. Please make your choice at the bottom of this page.

Note: Your Angel Elixir is uniquely yours; each elixir may be purchased only once.

Please note:
For those students who want to reserve their "partner" Lemurian Angel Elixir to go with their Atlantean Angel Elixir: Please select the Single-Layer option when ordering. Also, include the Atlantean Angel Elixir number in the comments box (for example: A012), along with a message requesting a Lemurian Angel Elixir. For more information regarding ordering a Lemurian Angel Elixir that partners to an Atlantean Angel Elixir, contact Serge:

Orders may require up to 3-4 weeks, especially when Almine is traveling and is unable to work in the sound studio. We appreciate your patience. Please add to your email address book, as to be sure that your spam filter does not refuse your Angelic Elixir.