Sigil of Trust Through the Surrendered Mind


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The prerequisite to achieving the rapture of surrender into Oneness is trust through releasing all resistance created by mind. This sigil is designed to assist with this life-altering process.

Note: For this product only, multiple copies can be made.

Physical products are also available as a separate product in various sizes, framed and unframed, see details below.

Your sigil may be printed on single or double weight matte board (depending on the size of the print) and purchased framed or unframed. The printed product resembles a fine oil painting. This would make a perfect and unique gift for yourself or others.

Please note: Orders may require up to 3-4 weeks.

Click here for various pricing options when ordering a physical print.

NOTE: Due to the different sizes of prints, minimal cropping on the edges of your artwork may be necessary. Almine will ensure that the cropping will not affect the functionality or aesthetic value of your artwork.