Labyrinth of the Moon


The Poetry of Dreaming

First edition. Second edition will come out early September 2014.

Opening up to the communications of the deepest dream cycles. A great tool of daily guidance!

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This book contains 144 verses of the Poetry of Dreaming and extensive lists of the interpretations of dream symbols. It is a valuable tool for opening up the deeper dream states’ communications, promoting the healing of the psyche and the body as well as facilitating the balance of the Inner Child and other sub-personalities. Designed to release the hold of past incarnational cycles, it is an essential companion for practitioners of Shrihat Satva Yoga, but also a great book just on its own. This updated version includes graphics of the hands and feet depicting "The Body Parts as Dream Symbols."

The unique Poetry of Dreaming communicates through omissions – that which is not said – imparting multiple depths of meaning revealing themselves as feelings and qualities. It is used to open non-cognitive communication with the deeper states of dreaming. This allows the issues of very old cycles of life to come to the surface for cancellation while sleeping or meditating.

To go into the depth of the psyche with the verses of the Poetry of Dreaming, where deeply obscured programs from past incarnations lie, is an adventure even greater than the exploration of the starry skies. The depths speak to us in non-cognitive ways that must be understood, for to do otherwise is to remain a slave to reactions and impulses that arise from them.

These communications open channels of inner guidance and produce unimagined clarity in our lives. They reveal the secrets of existence that lie buried like diamonds in the dust of our past inner experiences. They tell of the perfection of life and the sublime purpose of existence that far transcends the shallow assessments of cognitive abilities. Let the adventure begin...

Minikva ares prihat uruva hachte

"Within man are the answers to the starry skies"


"I reference your wonderful book, Labryinth of the Moon, both at night and during the day. Is this book only meant for the night time dreams or is it also good to reference during the day for those things that appear in my environment? Often I cannot distinquish the difference between being awake or dreaming. Even now I do not know if I'm awake or dreaming."

Karen, Iowa

What will Labyrinth of the Moon do for me?

The information in Labyrinth of the Moon gives you the option to work with the guidance of your dreamtime; both the shallow dream states, that communicate with imagery and symbols, as well as the deeper dream states that communicate through art and the Poetry of Dreaming, bringing the insights of these deep states to the surface.

How should I see Labyrinth of the Moon in the context of all of Almine's work?

This is a very right-brain book, in that it speaks deeply to the non-cognitive part of your being-- something that needs to be experienced, rather than just to be read. Most of Almine's books are more focused on left-brain information, so this is a different reading experience than most of her books. Also, the poetry contained within "Labyrinth" is an essential part of Shrihat Satva Yoga, also known as "the yoga to clear past reincarnations".

Bonus: Includes a dream symbolism section and a special section on the runes from the sacred libraries of the earth for daily guidance.

Labyrinth of the Moon is also available as an e-book.

Please note: There is also a CD with sound elixirs by Almine called Labyrinth of the Moon. These products are not related and are two totally different products. See the CD Labyrinth of the Moon here.

Published: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-934070-10-9